Item # Density Thickness Covering Acoustical NRC/Sabins Fire Safety
RES-SC N/A 12″ N/A 8.45 sabins ASTM E84

Resonator Sound Absorbers
NOISEMASTER® Resonator Sound Absorbers are highly effective, low frequency cylindrical ceiling absorbers used to quiet reverberant rooms. These attractive units are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.

Noisemaster Resonator units are 12″ in diameter, 24″ long and weigh approximately 6 pounds. Resonator units are made of specially engineered molded fiberglass. Aluminum trim rings cap both ends of the units adding to their durability and appearance. Internally, two metal resonators add significant low frequency absorption to these stylish units. They are easily installed from an overhead structure using light gauge wire.


Resonators provide the equivalent in overall sound absorption of 10 to 15 square feet of good acoustical ceiling tile.

Also available: Econsorbers. Econosorber units do not contain the two internal metal resonators and perform effectively in the mid to higher frequency range.