About Us

The Proudfoot Company pioneered noise control in concrete by introducing its SOUNDBLOX® Acoustical Masonry Units (ACMUs) in 1965. SOUNDBLOX® ACMUs reduce noise levels and prevent sound transmission far better than standard CMUs. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, SOUNDBLOX® are ideal for school gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms, wastewater treatment plants, chiller enclosures, highway/railway noise screens, maintenance facilities and other public work applications.


In 2003, The Proudfoot Company introduced SOUNDCELL ACMUs. SOUNDCELL improves overall sound quality by reducing reverberation times and noise levels wherever speech intelligibility is critical. Applications include gymnasiums, natatoriums, music rooms, auditoriums and classrooms.


In October 2004, The Proudfoot Company launched the NOISEMASTER Corporation stemming from our NOISEMASTER Division Product Line – to better symbolize our expanding range of capabilities. These products further enhance The Proudfoot Company’s reputation as knowledgeable, customer-service oriented providers of sound control products for new construction and retrofit applications.